Find out Charlotte’s favourite LA Skincare product and find out how she is now inspiring people to be the best they can be.

She helps people become happy in their own skin and she is so passionate about what she does.  

It was amazing to speak to Charlotte.  What an amazing lady.  The work she does is phenomenal.

Charlotte graduated University with a 2.1 Public Health Nutrition degree (BSc Hons APNutr).  Here’s some extra bits about Charlotte:

  • Qualified food and nutrition teacher (PGCE)  with over 10 years experience of delivering nutrition education.
  • Lost over 4 stone and maintained my weight loss for 5+ years
  • Her story has been featured in the Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror, Best Magazine, Closer magazine and the cover girl for Slimming World Magazine.
  • Her passion for exercise was recognised as I became a face of the Sheffield “Move More” Campaign
  • In Autumn 2018 she became the face of Slimming World.

How amazing!!!

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