Dawn is the owner of Rose Cottage Doggy Day care and luxury doggy hotel, part of Dogland Ltd. She has several years of experience in the dog care sector, working alongside all different dog breeds and working alongside their owners to gain a better understanding of the care needs of their beloved pet in order for me to deliver the highest standard of care possible.

She is passionate about dogs always have been all my life since I volunteered in a boarding kennels at the age of 13 and I got all the ‘poo jobs’ literally but I loved it!!

After studying dog behaviour and completing a grooming course and other dog related courses and working for other kennel owners I have a broad range of knowledge and I have applied this at RC. I only took the best bits from the other kennels. She empowers her staff to work and think as she does. They are just as passionate about their roles within Rose Cottage, and they all strive daily to provide each and every dog with the love and care they all need.

Dawn has procedures in place to ensure running her business is as smooth as possible.  She is very motivating and inspiring and makes you believe you can achieve too.  Listen to this fabulous interview with her to find out more.

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