LA Training Academy is perfect for you if you are a new therapist or if you want to develop new skills to take your salon to the next level.    Any questions please contact us.

Here are some FAQs for you.  However, if you still have a question after this, please do drop me an email on info@LATrainingAcademy.co.uk, or book your free strategy call with me.

What is included in the course fee?

Online lessons and a fully comprehensive manual.

The tutor will be happy to discuss products, prices and how much you can charge for the therapy.

The tutor will also cover the insurance information for you too, we receive a discount with a large insurance company covering our training for those of you new to this field or wanting to change to a new and more affordable cover.

Can I learn everything in online for your diploma course?

Yes, you will have access to videos and a workbook, which will help guide you through everything you need to know on the course.

Anatomy and Physiology is also included as part of this course too.  This is all completed online.

Course Highlights
  • Includes lessons and video content as well as a workbook and quizzes to assess yourself
Who are these courses for?

These courses are suitable for anyone interested in expanding their skills into holistic health methods and healing therapies.

They are ideal for anyone passionate about helping others and wanting to learn more treatments.

You can be a therapist already looking to expand skills or a complete beginner.

Some of the courses require pre requisite courses if you are not already a therapist.

How long will I be able to access the theory online

The content is accessible instantly from your laptop or your mobile, you’ll be able to access the community and learn on the go, 24/7.

The content is available as long as LA Training Academy exists.

How do I access the course once I have paid?

Click into your chosen course.

Then click on the curriculum tab, then you can access all of the lessons 1 by 1.

Can I get insurance on these courses?

Absolutely! Yes it will allow you to use this with the general public and charge for it…

Certificate of Achievement will be presented on completion of this ABT accredited course, allowing insurance to be purchased through ABT Insurance and other insurance providers.  You will be able to offer these services to your clients immediately after completing your course!
Where's the venue?

We have a couple of places available.

Currently the venues are:

Aston, Sheffield, S26

Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield (Centre)


Do I pass on the day?
If there are enough models on the day you can pass on the same day.
However, we do recommend learning on the day and doing case studies
Below is a guideline for your case study:
Please do 2 case studies and email them to info@LATrainingAcademy.co.uk
How long do I have to send in the case studies?
The case studies need to be done within 6 weeks of coming on your day course.  If not you will be required to pay for the practical day again.
It is important the case studies are done early on after finishing your practical day as we want to make sure students leave and are practicing their skills.
How many people are in a class?
At LA Training Academy we like to keep our sessions to a maximum of 6 people, but more often than not we have no more than 4 people on each session.
Do I need to bring a model?
At LA Training Academy we think it is highly beneficial to have the treatment yourself.  This way you know how it feels.  The tutor works with the students to guide them through the practical elements of the treatments.  This is why the case studies are an important part of the training.
What if I forget what to do?
Please do not worry.  We have online videos to remind you what to do for your treatment and we also provide manuals on the day for you to make notes and remind yourself of what to do. 
Is there somewhere to get lunch?
Please check with your venue as sometimes we do include lunch, so please check and message with any food allergies.
How will you assess the learning in the session?
Students will perform the treatment they have learnt on each other or models.  This in itself is an assessment as it shows you have understood the session.  The tutor will also be verbally asking questions about the course whilst students are doing the practical part of the session.  There are also written questions to answer on the day.
Can I buy the kits from you?
Absolutely you can.  Please order online here to make sure we have in stock or if not we can get it in stock for when you come on the course or we can get it delivered to your house…
How are the courses inclusive?
The tutor will chat and introduce themselves and talk to each individual and find out what each student already knows about the course and why they want to do the course.   This would be done in a group session but each person can speak or write down their answers.  
I booked on for the lash lift course. 
I was a little unsure as to whether the treatment would be for me…But, I was wrong!
The training I received today by Louisa was excellent… everything I’d hoped it would be and more.  Informative, relaxed and motivating!
I’m now ready for lockdown to end so I can introduce this new treatment to all my clients!
Thankyou Louisa for making me feel excited again about getting back to work xxx
Lauren Fisher

I’ve had the best day ever on the Indian head massage course and Louisa has helped with everything.
                                    Personally, I have no massage experience and I’ve been made to feel very comfortable through out the session.                                               I was very nervous coming on the course due to COVID and the social distancing rules. 
However all rules were thought out and worked according.
Heather Deehan