Jacqui Greene is the alignment facilitator for professional women who are ready to step out of the frustration of living a life less than they deserve and into being, doing and having all they desire.


Her process The Psychological Levels of Love® incorporates the proven processes for unveiling, releasing and letting go of all that no longer serves you and her Signature 8 week intensive programme A Journey of Self Discovery enables you to fully understand and embrace your true self, builds the empowerment and confidence to unapologetically express that out to the world, and her clients’ results speak for themselves.


Her first book in this area of expertise, 90 Days of Meditation – A Journey of Self Discovery, follows Jacqui’s own journey through faith, acceptance and surrender, and is in the process of being published. She now focuses on writing the manuscript for The Psychological Levels of Love – From lost to self fulfilment, a thorough self-study breakdown of this life changing process.


She’s a self confessed devotee to her own never ending self improvement, a lover of Humans, horses and dogs, and at her happiest in her countryside garden in the South of the UK.


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