In this episode, Louisa talks to Nicky about how she has got to where she is, where she started.

Nicky talks about all sorts and shares her really honest view of life!  She reveals her favourite skincare product, and how she still looks so incredible.

Louisa absolutely loved chatting to Nicky.  What an amazing opportunity.  She is incredible and for those who don’t know who she is.  Here is a little bit about Nicky.  Have a listen and see for yourself, or head over to the youtube channel and watch the video.

Nicky has been doing all she does since she was 16 – from shoe shop girl to a nearly £2,000,000 market trader at 30. Then there’s literally all the millions I’ve made for others since in design, supermarkets, legal services…education – you name it. Telling the world who you are – and crucially how to FEEL about you without soul compromising, unreal and conversation ending  business speak is actually the propeller for every single business on the planet. Learning phraseology and tone that bypasses old frames of who people THINK you are… and goes straight to the heart and consciousness of your customers and ”would be” customers IS the proverbial MAGIC STICK.

When you learn these surprising skills – those Monday mornings will see you skipping down the stairs and running to the office with a completely different expectation.

Nicky says ‘THE OLD WAYS ARE DEAD. Drop them… jump into the NEW and fill the tills…’


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