Rebecca owns Transformational Nutrition


She is known for helping professionally motivated women overcome emotional eating and regain control of their nutrition with my 6 month programme.

If someone gave you the opportunity to finally stop beating yourself up over food, to stop using it to feed your emotions, why wouldn’t you take advantage of that opportunity?
One to one coaching will allow you to understand the reasons behind your behaviours so that you can set boundaries or change your environment for the better.
I will help you to help you tackle the issues that cause you to run to the fridge when you really don’t need to.
One thing that doesn’t help overcome emotional eating is waiting and hoping it will change.
Take action today that will lead to positive change – your weight may change when you stop stress eating but more importantly, you are likely to feel much better, happier, energised and confident in your own skin as a result!
What would more time, energy, and wealth mean to you? A better, more focused mindset that is no longer stuck on an emotional roller coaster?
It may sound like a cliche, but that is exactly what my program can offer you NOW.
Are you working hard, maybe alongside juggling a family and, if you’re lucky, a social life?
Do you feel constantly exhausted and guilty about your approach to nutrition?
Maybe you are stuck in a binge/restrict or a yo-yo diet cycle and it is affecting your confidence, not to mention your motivation?
If so, you need to start looking after yourself now…
I would like to work with you if:
1. You value your family but have a busy lifestyle.
2. You are confused about nutrition and would like expert guidance on what is right for you.
3. You are motivated to live your best life.
4. You want to increase your motivation and productivity both at work and at home.
5. You want to have more time and money to spend on and doing the things you love.
When you are ready to chat, contact Rebecca on 07846756157 or:
Why her?
As a busy, professional mother to young boys myself, I can really help you understand your core values and how to align your nutrition with this.
I take time to get to know my clients, to really understand their hopes and desires so I can build the best nutrition program that will lead them to exactly where they want to be, no pseudoscience involved!
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