Starting A Career in the Beauty Industry

The Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is vast, from nail technicians, hair dressers and makeup artists to salon owners, creator of skincare products and laser technicians.

The Hair & Beauty industry is worth £6 billion to the UK economy alone.  That’s 8% of the entire retail sector…  How amazing is that?
The personal care and beauty industry has a market value of £71 billion, that’s a lot of reasons to join!

Do you want a part of this?

Where to start…

Think of your passion!

Start with what excites you, by having a career you truly love you will never work a day in your life. It is true, just look at me.

Do you love skincare? How about making people feel fabulous? Helping people gain confidence? Tackling stress/anxiety? Do you love painting your own nails?


If you have a passion, embrace it.

Now narrow it down…

Narrow down a specific area you want to focus on. There is no need to study and train in every treatment or sector. By offering treatments in line with your passion, you make the most of the niche and work to your best natural talents.

Learn everything you can about your chosen field, gain the in-depth knowledge and make sure you are the person people come to when they want the best.  Become the expert and that ‘go to’ person.

Keeping start up costs low

When you choose only one, or two treatments as a starting point it enables you to minimise your start-up costs.

Being self-employed, or starting a new business can be costly in the first year and by focusing your training on one area means less courses, less materials; products, kits, tools etc.

It also makes marketing easier, allowing you to really put your whole heart into shouting about yourself and what you can offer your clients.


I know you will want to do everything, we all do.  I know I did.  But, learn from my mistake.  I do call it a mistake because I felt like I became ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’.  It is always much more beneficial to master a skill.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to stop there.  You can always expand your knowledge and treatment base later down the line.  Gain the clients and the interest and then you can make sure your clients are wanting the other services.  It is all about knowing your target market.

Knowing your audience

When you know your target market, it can change everything.  It streamlines so much in your business; marketing to the right people, having the right content on social media and also making sure you are offering the services that are required.

I drifted off track, by allowing people to guide me.  I became great at nails, but I really hated every second of my job.  I loved facials and massage and holistic therapies.  But I couldn’t focus on them because I had attracted the wrong audience to align with my goals.

I know we all want to go where we feel the money is, but believe me when you align with your goals and offer the treatments to follow your passion, the money comes in much quicker and easier and far more abundantly.

Make a plan and set goals…

Some times we need to step back from what we are doing.  Really decide which direction you want your business to go in, to aid the lifestyle you choose.

Goal setting is key…


I offer a free strategy call to discuss the challenges you are facing in your business or to help you find your direction. Or, maybe you just need a little support and want to work at things at your own pace, join us.

There are so many modules available to you, all aimed at helping you have the business you always thought you would have; learn how to price your treatments and build your confidence.

If you fancy a chat just get in touch…


Lots of love

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