Steve’s uplifting, poignant and yet humorous personality helps people to realise their own goals and inspires them to work towards them within their business, personal and social life.

Following a near fatal car accident resulting in both legs being crushed Steve was told that he may never walk again. Through setting goals and working towards them he was able to achieve through his rehabilitation and then onward to eventually become a World Champion in the sport of para triathlon. Now as a professional speaker he takes the audiences on an inspiring and entertaining journey following his commitment and achievements.

Louisa was lucky enough to interview him, just after the release of his book ‘Don’t lean on your excuses’.

Wow what a moving interview, incredible man to listen to.  It really makes you think.  If Steve can over come everything he has been through, when we are thinking…  Ooh I feel a bit fed up or the weather is rubbish so I won’t do this…  It just makes you look at your ‘problems’ slightly differently.  

Let’s hope this interview leaves you inspired and motivated top achieve… 

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