This podcast was done just out of the first lockdown.  So when you see us together, it was perfectly ok at the time.

I met Tracy at her salon and it is beautiful.  She told me all about how she became a holistic therapist and her passion for the industry.  

Her drive stands out and it is clear where she wants to go with the industry.

Have a listen to this podcast.  It will leave you feeling inspired and maybe with the desire to go and book in for a holistic massage at The Retreat with Tracy.

At The Retreat, Tracy specialises in creating completely tailor made therapeutic massage treatments.

She id all about creating a treatment targeted to your specific needs to support and nurture you both physically and mentally, helping you to live your best life.

You will find out all about Tracy’s previous career, her current passions and what she has become obsessed with during lockdown.

Leaving Tracy’s retreat I was so calm, so it definitely had the right effect on me!


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