Email Marketing

Why is marketing so important?

Email marketing is a great feature for businesses.

Looking back to 5 years ago when business owners paid to their team to send emails manually.  They spent a lot of money and time for every email, nowadays it is much easier to do.

If you have thousands of contacts and decided to send an email to each of them, it would have taken forever back in the day.  Many new services, such as CRM and other Email platforms, give us an opportunity to automate all emails that we want to share with all of the clients. This alone can save us weeks of work every year!

The importance of email

Effective marketing emails convert leads into customers and turn one-time clients into loyal fans.

1. Email is the #2 communication channel after SMS.
2. Email converts your list into revenue.
3. You own the email list, and nobody can block it, as it can be connected with your social media account.  This is one of the reasons why we need a CRM/Online booking system to be able to collect email addresses with ease.

Here’s some suggestions on creating successful emails

  1. Personalise your email.  Always put your client’s name in the email.
  2. Give the option to unsubscribe.
  3. Send relevant content. Try to segment your email list by age range (for applicable offers)
  4. Use images with people in it.
  5. Don’t send too many emails. One per week is acceptable.
  6.  Most of your emails need to have some useful content in it (such as using sunscreen, cosmetics or seasonal care)
  7. Add Special Offers, Treatment Bundles or Seasonal Offers before holidays to your email.

Decide what you would like to offer on your website when the client is asked for the information (such as email).  For example a coupon, free consultation, quizzes or a self-assessment.

Types of email’s to send

  1. Promotional emails.  Send them direct product information, special offers, bundles or discounts.
    platforms. Don’t forget to add a start/end date for your special offers.
  2. Email Sequences or Email Subscriptions.  Emails that we can send out every week or two with some helpful information.  Don’t sell in these emails, stay connected with the subscriber.
  3. Triggered emails are based on different events in your CRM connected to your client.
    It can be:
  • Special notification about scheduled treatment, a day before and the same day
  • Automated follow up after treatment
  • Customer status changed in CRM
  • Follow-ups related to the date contact was created
  • Birthday offers

4. Sequence Emails

  • New contact – they get an introductory email
  • Consultation scheduled – Email with confirmation and detailed map in it.
  • Treatment scheduled – Email with confirmation and detailed map in it. Some tips on what to do before treatment.
  • Treatment is done – Email follow- up in a few days. Email to sell a package if they liked the treatment. Can also ask for reviews.
  • Reminder in 30 days “It’s time to schedule your next appointment”. Time range depends on the treatment protocol. (30 days is an example)
  •  Appointment skipped – Email to reschedule an appointment
  • Lost client – Email them once or twice a month offering a free consultation.

You can get new subscribers using a special form on your website – your lead magnet.

Creating great content

As we mentioned before there are plenty of tools for everything, and email also.  These two the best on the market. – more affordable price, fewer features – moderate price, advanced functionality

Both services allow you to create forms for your websites, to convert website visitors into subscribers. You can create different to opt-in for different website pages if you need and create different subscribers lists.

Both services have templates for email campaigns, and they are responsive for mobile devices.

You can check analytics for each form or email campaign.  Pay your attention to open rate, click rate, sales.  Check the percentage for how
many people opened it, how many clicked on the link in the email from those who opened it. And finally sales, it shows how great and relevant your offer was. One more reason why we like email marketing is that once you get it you can be connected with your clients for years.

If you started today with 0 emails on the list, you will accumulate and after the first 100 subscribers, you will see how it helps you to get more clients, and improve retention.

When was the last time you send emails to your clients’ database 

If you never did it, or it was months ago, let’s do it now.  In case you have services you are already using, login and find out how to upload your customers list and create one email campaign.

If you decide to use MailChimp or mailerlite, create an account there.

1. Upload your email list, so it’s best to have the First and Last name of your clients.

2. Create a new email campaign for a single email or broadcast.  Choose templates that you like in your service.

3. Let’s send an email with something special to motivate people to come.  If you don’t have a CRM or don’t want to use any additional service for this, you can send emails manually from your Gmail account or your business email, 50-100 emails per day are ok.


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