How Reiki can expand your business…

Reiki is an amazing self help tool for business owners if you choose to become empowered to it yourself. It is being more and more accepted by the NHS as a natural healing system as science is embracing and accepting spiritual techniques and wisdom!

Everyone has the opportunity to run a successful Reiki business.  But, only a few can hit a home run.

When planning to start this business, always be mindful about its ups and downs.  Whether you like it or not, there are times when the business is running low. Try not to fret, this is perfectly normal.

No matter how you express it, there’s only one thing why you become a Reiki professional—to help people.

For you to lead a successful Reiki business, you have to have clients and there are many ways on how to attract Reiki clients; one of which is to have a good business name.

How to create a successful Reiki business name…

  • Make it short
  • Do not use your own name
  • Research similar businesses
  • Find words that matter to you
  • Ensure the core value of your practice
  • Create a name that gives direct results
  • Check the internet for potential business names
  • Consider other people who don’t know anything about Reiki
  • Decide whether the business is for practical purposes or just to make client curious
  • Let your friends and family know about your potential names and see how they will react

Successful businesses often come with a powerful name.

Be the best!

Practicing Reiki daily at home can increase the chance of making the business successful.

A good Reiki professional will always find out new Reiki symbols and technique to broaden his knowledge about it.  Reiki is just like working out the muscles.  The more you use it, the better results!  When your clients are completely satisfied.  They will return time and time again.


Some Reiki businesses will start with a very hefty price and that is fine.  I would say start higher and you can always do offers as and when business is quiet.  It is much harder to put the price up.

I understand that when you are starting out in business, it is nerve wracking.  Start as you mean to go on and stick to your guns.  In Reiki your own boundaries are important.

It is a business and a business needs to make profit.  I understand Reiki Therapists want to help people, but we still have to eat and pay our bills.

Give extra value, rather than cheap prices.  Make the client realise why they pay to come to you.

As long as the client enjoyed and is satisfied with the service they get, they can message their friends and family or even post on social media platforms about how your business is providing an extraordinary service.

Stay strong on pricing.  I would not charge less than £40 per hour and that is a minimum.

Social Media

The usual spiel on social media – we need it to make our businesses successful.  Well that is not exactly true, but it is a big help to encourage people to shout about how good you are.  It can be a free platform for you to advertise too and get your name out there.

The world we live in feels like it is dependent on fast and reliable internet connection.  Thus, anyone with a connection can access the internet anywhere.  This means that anyone can see your business on social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram whenever they are.

I think it is worth doing, especially if you are starting out.  But do not get bogged down with it!

You are not competing

Building a Reiki business is not just for your own profit and benefit.  As a Reiki Therapist we understand that everything that revolves around Reiki is for you and your client’s self-improvement.

Of course, it is also all about Reiki for business growth and to make your business grow, always remind yourself that your business is not to compete with anybody but to make people get interested and join Reiki.

Have faith in YOU!

Reiki always believes that the “life force energy” is associated with how you feel.

When you think that your business will turn to flop, there’s a tendency that it will.

Believing in yourself that the business will flourish gives a high chance that it will become successful.

Along with hard work and determination, you will have a successful Reiki business with a lot of Reiki healing success stories to share.  So get sharing!!

The purpose of Reiki is for spiritual and self-improvement and for you to be able to spread the good intention, you must reach out to the community and spread the benefits of Reiki.

Of course, apply your learnings to patients who need it and let them become your permanent client.

Happy customers

Let the Energy of Healing Benefits You and Your Client – two birds, one stone.  You master both spiritual and self-improvement and that is for you and your clients.

Remember that before you start the healing session, the client’s satisfaction with your service and the end result should follow.  A good practice of Reiki will always equate to your client’s healing.

No matter what you do, the client satisfaction is what will lead you to a successful Reiki business. And, when the practice is in good hands and in line with its benefits, your client will always find a way to contact you. Thus, making your Reiki business a successful one.


You are not alone in this.  Business is hard and we need all the support we can.  If you want to find out more about LA Training Academy courses, just message.

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There are so many modules available to you, all aimed at helping you have the business you always thought you would have; learn how to price your treatments and build your confidence.

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Lots of love

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