Do you ever think:

you have learnt all there is to know about the treatments you offer?

you don’t have to worry about anything else?

you can just sit back and relax?


The beauty industry is so fast paced.  In fact everything moves so fast these days! Technology, techniques, trends…

In the beauty industry, you have to set yourself apart from each other.  One way to do that is that to keep up with the always changing treatments.

As a professional, it is our duty to continue to be competent.  We have a duty to safeguard our clients, and ourselves.

Continued professional development (CPD), is a term used to describe supplementary learning professionals. The beauty industry is one where professionals should continue to learn and adapt throughout their career.

I can help!

Stay up to date with changing trends

As we know, the beauty industry is so fast paced and competitive. Following trends sometimes isn’t enough.

So, if you carry on learning as the changes happen, you could put yourself in a position to set those trends!

Become more productive

Remember when eyelash extensions became a huge hit? Did you capitalise on that as a beauty professional, or did you miss out?

By keeping up with the latest trends in the industry, you can actually make yourself more productive.  You will be offering more treatments that your clients want.  Why not become a one stop shop for your clients?

Instead of offering them just one treatment, they could spend an afternoon with you and have all their needs met. Instead of needing 10 new clients a month, you have just increased your original clients spend with you and you now only need 5 new clients a month.

Give your clients better service/treatment

As we go through our career…  We end up doing the same treatments each day.  We can become complacent and although not intentional, we can sometimes let things slide.

By acquiring new knowledge you could learn how to do treatments more efficiently.  Better still, find new technology to aid you, or pick up tips on how to help relax your clients.

All of these things can help towards giving your client a better experience with you.  Of course this then increases the likelihood of them returning.

Keep up with technology advances

Technology moves incredibly fast!

We live in an age where we no longer have to flip a light switch.  We can just say ‘turn on the light’ and a little gadget will do it for us, or we could clap and the light will come on.

It’s kind of scary, right?

Can you imagine if you didn’t have a smart phone these days?  Or have an email address?  How difficult would things be for you?

This is what it would be like for you if you fall behind with the technology advancements today. It wouldn’t be long before you will struggle to catch up, think of our parents!

Continuing your learning will make everything easier for you.  You won’t have to worry about things moving too fast because you will be moving along with it.

So lets make a plan…

Keeping your knowledge and skills up to date can seem daunting.

But it is something that is important, so I will help you make a plan to tackle this a little at a time. Here is a little guide you can use to help organise and master the learning that is relevant to you.

Assess your current situation

You have to start with being honest with yourself, otherwise this will not work.

How is your career currently progressing?

Are you where you thought you would be?

These questions will help you find out where you want to go and what you should be working on.

Identify your goals

Where do you really want to be?

Make sure these goals follow the SMART acronym, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed.

How can you achieve your goals?

You need to consider what skills you will need to get your goals!

What resources will you need?

What can help you?

Is it new technology, or a course, or could it just be support?

Make a comprehensive list of everything you could need, to make sure you are prepared!

When do you want to achieve this?

This will help you schedule your timeline and hold yourself accountable.

But don’t get too worked up if you fall behind, it’s your goal, so alter it slightly and make it work for you.

Track your progress

Hold yourself accountable but be kind to yourself!

Take time a reflect on your progress, adjust your targets, or set new ones!

It’s your journey.


You are not alone in this.  Business is hard and we need all the support we can.  If you want to find out more about LA Training Academy courses, just message.

I also offer a free strategy call as part of my Creating Salon Success group, to discuss the challenges you are facing in your business or to help you find your direction. Or, maybe you just need a little support and want to work at things at your own pace, join us.

There are so many modules available to you, all aimed at helping you have the business you always thought you would have; learn how to price your treatments and build your confidence.

If you fancy a chat just get in touch…

Lots of love

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